HORSE EXHIBITOR (Visible for Horse Exhibitor)

A User - Horse Exhibitor owns all content and information he publishes on the ArabHorseUniverse Service, or has appropriate legal capacity to publish it.

Through the Unique Administrative Panel of the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor is able to add an unlimited number of horses to his database. The data of a horse submitted by the Exhibitor are especially detailed, since they include the following information:

  • Name of the Horse
  • Ancestry of the Horse
  • Birth Date
  • Sex
  • Color of the Horse
  • Studbook Country
  • Studbook Assoc.
  • Studbook Reg. No.
  • Breeder’s Data (First Name, Last Name, Country)
  • Owner’s Data (First Name, Last Name, Address, Country)
  • Previous Owner’s Data (First Name, Last Name)
  • Trainer’s Data (Name of the Training Center, First Name, Last Name, Country)
  • Horse Passport Data

The Horse Exhibitor are able to EDIT all above Informations.

Registered Horse Exhibitor has the possibility to:

  • EDIT the Data of the Horse
  • ENTER the Horse to any Show registered in the Database of ArabHorseUniverse Service
  • CHECK when and to what Show was the Horse entered (History of Entries)
  • CHECK the Horse Score History
  • DELETE the Horse

Registration of a horse in an electronic form for a given Show chosen by the Horse Exhibitor does not take much time. A User should only enter a Horse once into his own base. One horse may be registered for many available shows after being entered in the Administrative Panel of the Horse Exhibitor.

During the Registration to the Show, the Horse Exhibitor can choose the Qualification for the given Horse (if the Horse was registered to another Shows in the past using ArabHorseUniverse Service) or write the Qualifications manually. There is also the possibility to choose judges, if a conflict of interest takes place.

The Horse Exhibitor can select and automatically order many additional options for the given Show, such as:

  • ENTRY FEE per Horse
  • VIP SECTOR (If the Show Organizer provides this kind of Service)
  • ADVERTISING STAND & CATALOGUE (If the Show Organizer provides this kind of Service)
  • ADVERTISING (If the Show Organizer provides this kind of Service)

Every Order has its own Unique Transaction-id, which the Horse Exhibitor should include by the money transferring process. The money should be transferred to the Show Organizer bank account.

The Horse Exhibitor can CHECK also his Payments History, that means which options he selected for the given Show with all necessary money, bank and date transfer details.

Moreover, the Show Organizer gets the complete data about the entered horse and additional options selected by the Horse Exhibitor.