A User - Photographer owns all content and information he publishes on the ArabHorseUniverse Service, or has appropriate legal capacity to publish it.

A User - Photographer, registering on the ArabHorseUniverse.com Website, is able to give the following data, which will be published in our Website in a Unique Photographer Visit Card, created specially for this purpose. Data needed to register a Photographer Account and to create a Unique Photographer Visit Card are:

  • Name of Last Name (required)
  • Nick (optional)
  • E-mail Address (required)
  • Country (required)
  • Website Address (optional but welcome)
  • Fixed or Cell Telephone Number (optional)

Through a Unique Administrative Panel of a Photographer, a Photographer is able to create and publish his Photo Galleries in our Website, in an amount of 3 galleries, 15 photos each.

Thanks to special technology offered by the ArabHorseUniverse.com Website, a Photographer is able to export (attach) one gallery - up to 15 photos to a given Show from which he has most valid photographs, provided, however, that the subject and quality of these photos are verified by our Website.

We make every effort to ensure that materials published on our pages, particularly photographs, both in public Galleries and in Galleries of a given Show, have sufficient quality and are relevant to the subject matter of our Website.